PD Dr. Silvio Lorenzetti

PD Dr. S. Lorenzetti is currently the head of the section Performance
Sport, and the Prorector Research and Development at
the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM.


The section Performance Sport supports youth high-performance and
elite sport based on an extensive interdisciplinary expert knowledge
in the area of sport science and sports medicine.
He was the leader of the Sports Biomechanics Group at the
Institute for Biomechanics in the Department of Health Science
and Technology of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In 2017 he received
the Venia Legendi in the area of biomechanics at ETH Zurich
and is now a privat docent. He studied physics, mathematics
and astronomy at the University of Bern with an exchange term
at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.


He is especially interested in the external and internal loading conditions of the
human body during strength training and sports and the corresponding
loading of the joints and biological structures. The
combination of experimental approaches, combined with finite
element analysis (FEA) or whole body simulation, makes ist
possible to study the influence of macroscopic loading on microscopic
structures to be studied. This is also the topic of the
SNF Grant ”My digital twin is revealing the biomechanics of
safe and efficient strength training”, which he has received in
He has received a number of awards, including the Student
Award of the Meteoritical Society, the International Society of
Biomechanics Student Dissertation Award, the Antarctica Service
Medal of the United States of America, three third place
prizes from the Swiss Olympic Sports Award, and two top peer
reviewer awards.
In total, he has raised 2.7 Mio CHF for industrial and research
projects in the area of sports. He has participated in over
30 invited talks and distinguished lectures. Under this supervision, five PhDs and over 130 master’s and bachelor’s theses were
completed. He has been an expert for five PhDs, has made over
10 reviews for national and international granting or funding
agencies and more than 221 reviews for peer-reviewed journals.
He has published over 85 peer-reviewed papers, more than
115 abstracts and editorials and one patent. He co-edited two
special issues in peer reviewed journals.
In 2013 he founded a ETH spin-off company, LLS biomechanics
GmbH, consulting and educating in biomechanics and in
2015 he was co-funder of the start-up SensoMATive GmbH. In
2014 and 2022 he was elected as a director of the International
Society of Biomechanics in Sports. From 2015-2021 he was
appointed as treasurer. In 2018, he became a Fellow of the international
society of biomechanics in sports (ISBS) and 2022
he was elected as director.